Web Hosting

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Simple Web Hosting

  • Pay Annually
  • Instant Setup
  • DDoS Protection
  • Hosted in NextDC B1
  • Unlimited Outbound Data

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Cloud Servers

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Cloud Enviroments

  • Instant Deployment
  • Scalable Environment
  • Upto 16GB of ram
  • Hosted in NextDC B1
  • Unlimited Outbound Data

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Colocation Hosting

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Get inside Miniport

  • Full Rack
  • Transit upto 10Gbps
  • VLL Available
  • Hosted in NextDC B1
  • Unlimited Outbound traffic @ 100Mbps

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MiniServers About

Once approved your MiniServers account will allow you to instantly deploy and scale elastic servers.

With the easy to use Miniservers control panel you can instantly deploy a wide range of cloud, web and application hosting products

Connect to your cloud server via a secure nbn™ connections

You can do a lot with a MiniServer

Powerful, easy, instant

  • Miniservers are built with security in mind to keep your data secure
  • MiniServers require no knowledge of the cloud
  • We meet you on your terms
  • You can connect to your MiniServers products via MiniIX connections

MiniServers Features

Miniservers allow you to instantly scale up your cloud solutions without a disruption of service

Minisevers are currently serving over 5 million page requests per month

We try and make discounts wherever possible. The more you order, the more you save

Instant Deployment of all cloud solutions

  • Highly competent support and engineering staff
  • Connect privately from your nbn™

MiniServers Technical

Designed for power

Quality Technical environments you can count on

MiniServers are housed in Next-DC With Dual power, and with almost all major carriers housing their POP's, you can be sure there is no better choice Australia wide

We have over 200Gbps of switching capacity and are serving over 5 million page requests per month and providing routing services for one of the biggest cloud providers in Australia

Our preferred components are

  • Intel Xeon CPU
  • Samsung Pro SSD and SAS Storage
  • Mikrotik core and switching
  • Windows and Linux available