Onnet nbn™

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Powered by Miniport

  • 12/1
  • 100GB Download + 100GB Bonus
  • Get connected in hours
  • 12 Month Contract
  • $25 Setup fee

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nbn™ Plus

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nbn™ as it should be

  • 100/40
  • 1000GB Download
  • Static IP
  • 12 Month Contract
  • $50 Setup fee

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Onnet nbn™

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Powered by Miniport

  • 25/5
  • 100GB Download + 100GB Bonus
  • Get connected in hours
  • 12 Month Contract
  • $25 Setup fee

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Miniport are a high quality nbn™ and private network provider with a primary focus on building industry leading solutions based on your unique needs

About our Products

At Miniport we are consistently implementing and designing the latest in routing and management tools and drive innovation nationally

We offer an extensive range of features

Same or next day Setup on most nbn™ services

  • Static routes, BGP and large IPv4 allocations avaliable
  • Build site2site and private networks
  • High Quality and Low Latency


Miniport are an Australian based provider for a range of residential, corporate, wholesale data and cloud services

About our Company

Miniport was built to tick all of the boxes we wanted from a nbn™ provider and to keep the industry continually growing and developing as a whole

Locally owned and operated

Versatile and easy to use products

  • Passionate and driven team
  • Thrive on customer defined outcomes
  • Fast and honest technical support


Miniport's network is highly redundant and housed in the best facilities in the country - meaning we can keep the lowest latency and thus fastest services possible.

About our Network

Miniport utilise peering routes to ensure our network has the best coverage to every corner of the globe

Network Features

Miniport incorporate the best practices for both security and high availability

  • Unique in-house DDoS protection
  • Highly redundant enviroments
  • IPv6 and dualstack coming soon

What sets us apart?

We are committed to serving those who have been ignored

For too long have major providers ignored the needs of Australian NBN users. Miniport are dedicated to building the most outstanding NBN solutions possible. We will never compromise our product quality for profits

We are boutique!

What sets us apart from the competition is that we're passionate about delivering unique and outstanding services. We don’t care about the number of clients we have. We care that the ones we have are happy

We welcome and act on your feedback

We're always looking to improve our business. From providing new to features, to assisting customers by providing more tutorials, free extensive support for businesses and fast and intelligent support

We are social

Our team are consistently engaging in community events with other network operators to foster an environment of innovation and sharing within the Australian ISP industry


After Swapping from another Provider to Miniport, the cost of our internet has gone down while our speed and data limit has gone up! Faultless customer service while others have left a lot to be desired. Finally, an internet service provider who provides amazing service and support!

Chris Hunter
Network Admin - Project Hardware NQ

I have absolutely nothing bad to say about Miniport. Real-time online support via Slack and direct communication with highly competent engineering staff in the face of a particularly challenging series of problems ultimately outside their control.

Ross Wheeler
Founder - Albury Local Internet

Starting our businesses, We wanted to use a reputable company, good information security and local contact if needed. The best decision we have made was investing in Miniport.com.au and getting started ourselves on our websites.

Daniel Ryan
Owner - Yourneighbourhood.com.au