Bonded NBN

Starting from
Bonded NBN - Upto 150/80 (25 Available)

x2 100/40 tails performing at upto 150/80 Mbps
1TB Included Download
Unlimited Uploads
Low Congestion
12 Month Contract
Static IP
Unlimited Uploads
Low Ping, Great for Gamers and Streamers
Outstanding Quality

Avaliable on
NBN Fiber to the Premise
NBN Fiber to the Node
Included Extras
Free Webhosting
Extra Data Automatically charged at $1/10Gb
Peak(4pm-10pm) Combined upload and download are at least 75% of the advertised speed.
Miniport do dont promise any level of service or quality to FTTN or Fixed Wireless clients, Its not that we dont try our hardest, we have countless happy clients of both catorgories however the technology is too fargone for us to be able to deliver advertised speeds in MOST cases.