In mid-2017 one of Miniports engineers felt the need for speed and thus bonded NBN was born. By joining multiple NBN services together and using complex routing and quality of service we are able to double, triple or even quadruple your current NBN speeds.

Due to CVC pricing and backhaul limitations within the NBN's network we are not currently selling services faster than 150/80

Bonded NBN is the ultra-fast solution you have been waiting for.


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Ultra fast Bonded NBN

  • Upto 150Mbps Download
  • 1TB included downloads
  • Unlimited uploads
  • Available on FTTP and HFC NBN services
  • Basic setup fee of $275

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Bonded NBN About

Bonded NBN was designed to connect people of the edge of NBN's network to faster and more reliable speeds.

Tell me more!?

OK! Bonded NBN is a breakthrough in connectivity and innovation and allows almost every Australian to get accesses to ultra fast post 100Mbps speeds as well as providing a high level of redundancy and awesome customisable features.

What else?

When you buy Bonded NBN you get the following:

  • All required equipment to complete the bond.
  • A single static IPv4 address
  • Preconfigured plug and play routers and modems to complete the bond.
  • Unlimited Uploads

Miniport NBN Features

Miniport is dedicated to constant development of not only our product line but the overall experience offered. Miniport was founded on the idea of taking evangelistic and innovative approaches to all matters, allowing us to morph ideas with time and feedback.

Technical About

Miniports network is built with high redundancy and low contention in mind. We understand the frustration of a long day at work only to get home and find Netflix has ground to a halt. This is why we choose NextDC, AAPT and IX Australia all around the country to assist us in hosting and connectivity for our equipment.

Why bonded NBN is better?

  • Bonded NBN allows Businesses and Enthusiasts alike to join in on the next generation of the online world regardless of your exisiting NBN speeds
  • HD and 4K streaming is a breeze
  • Web Pages are snappier


The NBN network is the national communications infrastructure currently being built on behalf of the Federal Government. It’s changing the way Australians access the internet, with superfast fiber, fixed wireless and satellite technology being made available to all Australians

No substitute for quality

  • The NBN network is designed to replace or upgrade Australia’s existing, ageing copper network, which is no longer sufficient to support our growing demand for faster and more reliable internet connections. The services Miniport offer will be delivered via NBN
  • NBN Services Available
  • Miniport Service all major NBN POIs nationwide- just place and order and we will provide whichever service is available to you
  • FTTP (Fiber to the Premises)