Some of our offerings

NBN Direct Connects

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Connect to the Cloud

  • Upto 40/40
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Static IP Ranges
  • 12 Month Contract
  • $75 Setup fee

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NBN Residental

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Enjoy Content

  • Upto 100/40
  • Upto 1000GB limit
  • Static IP
  • 12 Month Contract
  • $75 Setup fee

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NBN Business

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Hustle like never before

  • Upto 100/40
  • Upto 5TB
  • Static IP Ranges & BGP
  • 12 Month Contract
  • $125 Setup fee- Generally online within 2 hours

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Miniport are an Australian owned and operated supplier for NBN and dedicated internet solutions.

Think, Design, Build

All of our products are designed to excel past industry standards and expectations. We are consistently innovating and refining our product line to provide the easiest to use and most reliable services to all of our clients.

What it means to be Miniport.

Easy to understand, Easy to Use

  • Always Current, Never Legacy
  • Help Everyone you can, Peer with everyone you can't
  • If you cannot explain it, Define it
  • Innovate everything for nothing is yet perfect


Miniport are a Brisbane based provider of NBN and hosted services.

A Short Introduction

Miniport are engineering the future of connectivity for all Australians though an inspired and innovative approach to NBN solutions. Be it for Residential, Small business and corporate, Miniport have a product to help you reach the next level in your online endeavors.

A brief Timeline

A short History

  • 2013 - Founded in Brisbane, Australia
  • 2015 - Renamed and expanded into ADSL and NBN products
  • 2016 - Removed ADSL platform and launched our Layer2 NBN network
  • 2017 - Launched Cloud Direct Connect and IPv6 products


Miniport strive to provide What we call the 3P's. Perfomance,

About our Network

Miniport peer directly with IX Australia, Amazon and many others to ensure our network has the best coverage to every corner of the globe.

Network Features

Miniport's network has huge redundancy and has been built to provide high security and stability.

  • Advanced Quality of Service ensures real time applications run in real time.
  • Open Peering Policy
  • Built on fiber technology
  • IPv4 & IPv6 Enabled
  • Congestion Free
  • 100% Australian based Sales, Support and Engineers

Minipoty Frequently asked questions Miniport?

Why Miniport?

Why not! We got sick of using crap internet and decided to build our own soultion. We hope you like it as much as we do.

But you are more expensive?

Australian internet providers are engaging in this race to the bottom in pricing that will never serve the true needs of end users. We reject these shady methods that hurt the overall quality and sell the service you would expect and provide realistic pricing to meet those needs.

When and how do I pay for my service?

All products require a setup fee and minimum purchase of 30 days before we release offers a range of payment methods from paypal, credit cards

Do you offer any form of free trial?

We are always happy to provide a free short term connection for potential clients to test our services, if at the end of 7 days you wish to keep the service setup and monthly fee's will be applicable from the 8th day the service is active with an extended 30 day full refund trial period.